Address1: 694 George St Haymarket NSW 2000

Address2: shop 7 / 61 quay st, sydney 2000

Address3: Shop2, tower 3, 300 barangaroo avenue, barangaroo nsw 2000




In the later of 2013, Twosticks group opened his first flagship restaurant on George st, Sydney CBD. The major signature food is Crossing-the- bridge noodles from YUNNAN.

Crossing-the- bridge noodles is a rice noodle soup from Yunnan province, China. It is one of the most well-known dishes in Yunnan cuisine. The dish is served with a large bowl of boiling hot broth and the soup ingredients. These ingredients are separated. The soup ingredients are served on a cutting board or plate and include raw vegetables and lightly cooked meats.

One story that has gained traction begins with a scholar who was studying hard for his imperial exams on a small island. His wife, who would bring him food, found that by the time she had crossed the bridge to the island the soup would be cold and the noodles were soggy. She then decided to load a large earthen pot with boiling broth with a layer of oil on top that would act as insulation and keep the broth warm. The noodles and other ingredients were kept in separate container, and when she arrived, she mixed the two containers together for a warm soup.